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Speak with a native speaker.

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Find Native Speakers
Find Native Speakers

Find Native Speakers

Find speakers of any language, who also want to learn the language you speak.

Meet and Chat

Meet in person for 1 hour. Speak for 30 minutes in each language.

Find Native Speakers
Find Native Speakers

Real Life Fluency

Learn to hold conversations in real life. Become a fluent speaker of any language.

What’s a Lex?

Language Exchange

In 2017, let's learn by speaking.The modern way to learn a language.

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And I'm learning

Meet up at a local cafe and play games provided by Lexody.

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Speak only in English for 30 minutes.

Then, only in Spanish for 30 minutes.

Match with similar people

Matching languages, city and age.

Lexody suggests safe meeting places

Meet at approved local spots such as a cafe or library.

Never run out of things to talk about

Not a naturally chatty person? Lexody provides games and activities!

Find Native Speakers