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தமிழ் (Tamil) now on Lexody!

Ever wanted to learn the oldest living language in the world? Now you can practice Tamil on Lexody! Just add it to your profile.

Tamil has been dated as far back as 500BC, and thought to be much older than that. It’s incredible that the language is still frequently used today! During your travels to South India, Singapore, Sri Lanka, South Africa, Malaysia, and Mauritius you can speak Tamil to the locals.

First tip in learning Tamil – the pronunciation is actually ‘Ta-mirdh’ (not Ta-mil). After learning how to say ‘Tamil”, you already know a few words! Tamil means beauty, sweet, and natural.

Here are a few other words to begin your studies!

Alo                                Hi

Romba Nandri           Thanks

En péru…..                   My name is…..

Enakku puriyala        I don’t understand

Amaam                        Yes

Illai                               No


Once you have the basics down, add Tamil to you Lexody profile, and start immersing with natives!

Have other great resources to learn Tamil? Want to see another language on Lexody? Comment below!

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