10 Resources to learn Mongolian language

If you want to learn Mongolian, getting started is often the biggest challenge. So here's a list of the best resources to help you learn Mongolian!

Mongolian is said to be a 'hard' language to learn for English speakers. In reality, once you learn the Mongolian script, the grammar is a fun new way of thinking! So here are 10 resources to help you learn Mongolian.

Basic Vocabulary and Grammar


Memrise is one of our favorite language learning apps for any language! Its repetition helps to cement new words into your memory. In addition to a beginner Mongolian track, they have several Mongolian lessons created by their community!


This site is a bit older, but it is basically a free text book of beginner grammar and learning the script. So try using this in combination with other platforms that include audio.


Here is another site that has free self-led lessons and grammar books. This again would be a great addition to YouTube or Memrise.

Learn Mongolian - Free WordPower

This app is perfect for learning Mongolian. Equipped with over 2,000 words, phrases and native help with pronunciation, download this free app now!

Learn Mongolian - Word Power 101

This audiobook has the most common words in Mongolian, so is a great place to start. Download this for free now and start speaking like a native speaker!

Speaking and Listening Comprehension


The Youtube channel Mongolian Language\ Nomiin ger school has numerous Mongolian videos with lessons, and subtitled videos. This channel is a great way to not only practice the language, but to learn more about the Mongolian culture as well.


Obviously we have to mention Lexody... it's the easiest way to practice speaking with a native Mongolian speaker! Find native Mongolian speakers in your city, who are also learning English. Meet in person, and spend 30 minutes speaking only in Mongolian. Then 30 minutes speaking only in English - allowing both of you to totally immerse!


Glossika teaches you through lots of listening activities, and keeps track of your progress for you. So if you're busy and travelling around a lot, you can learn Mongolian wherever you are. It prides itself on its natural language learning approach, through audio immersion, so don't miss out!

Colloquial Mongolian: The Complete Course for Beginners

If online working isn't your forte, why not get a textbook (hard copy, or on kindle) to help your learning? This prioritises spoken and written language skills and teaches you from the very beginning!

Learn Mongolian 101

This website will teach you Mongolian from scratch for free. So start with the alphabet and by the end you'll speak great Mongolian. From grammar, listening tools and even an exam, this website covers it all!

10 Resources to learn Mongolian language



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