5 Best ESL Online resources

Learning English is hard, but finding the resources shouldn't be. So here's our list of the best ESL online resources to help you learn English!

Learning English isn’t easy, but finding the right resources shouldn’t be the difficult part. You can read books, watch films and TV shows or find online resources. So here’s the 5 best online resources from beginner to advanced levels for learning ESL.


Babbel is a great and inexpensive way to learn English, no matter where you start from. They have interactive online courses, language games and videos and audio recordings to help you learn!


This app is ideal for language learning, and if you don’t know it, get it now! They offer personalised courses for your level, so don’t miss out. You can learn for free, or get a premium course for a great price. Either way, you'll improve your English immediately!


Obviously we have to mention Lexody... it's the easiest way to practice speaking with a native English speaker! Find native English speakers in your city, who are also learning your language. Meet in person, and spend 30 minutes speaking only in English. Then 30 minutes speaking only in your language - allowing both of you to totally immerse!


Grammarly is the best place to improve your writing skills! Get perfect grammar and great fluency with Grammarly, and wow others with your English writing. 

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5 Best ESL Online resources



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