5 Online Resources to Learn Indonesian

Learning Indonesian comes will all kinds of challenges, but not having the resources shouldn't be one! Here are 5 resources to help you learn Indonesian.

So you're learning Indonesian and don't know where to start? Well the wait is over! Here are the 5 best online resources for you to learn Indonesian, and become fluent in no time.

The Indonesian Way

The Indonesian Way has over 100 online lessons, with the first 5 for free. There is also the option to have a private tutor help you, and flashcards to make vocab learning easy!


This resource is especially useful for learning vocabulary, starting at a complete beginner level and covering a broad range of topics. It gives guides on pronunciation and has downloadable tools for listening and reading. 

Living Language

Living Language is perfect for starting out with Indonesian - it teaches you lots of vocabulary and phrases and has lots of games and flashcards to help you learn. They offer lots of flexibility with their subscriptions, so you can learn as much as you want to.


Obviously we have to mention Lexody... it's the easiest way to practice speaking with a native Indonesian speaker! Find native Indonesian speakers in your city, who are also learning English. Meet in person, and spend 30 minutes speaking only in Indonesian. Then 30 minutes speaking only in English - allowing both of you to totally immerse!

Languages Online

This is an amazing free resource for learning Indonesian! There are over 30 lessons, each with worksheets and interactive tasks to teach you Indonesian from beginner level. 

We hope these online resources are helpful for you as you learn Indonesian. Let us know in the comments below! And why not put your skills to the test? Schedule a Lex and your speaking will become near-native in no time!

5 Online Resources to Learn Indonesian



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