Austin Free ESL Classes and English Conversation Practice

Are you learning English as a second language in Austin? Whether you’re just starting out or working on your fluency, here are 5 free English classes or conversation practice in Austin.

Foundation Communities

These multilevel ESL classes are open to the public and have locations in Sierre Vista or Vintage Creek. 


Practice English conversation, 1-on-1, with an American! Find Americans who are learning your native language. Meet in person, and spend 30 minutes speaking English, and 30 minutes speaking in your language. It's free to create a profile!

Austin Community College

There are lots of free ESL classes as part of their adult education program, with other classes also offered. Make sure to register before you join!

Literacy Coalition of Central Texas

The Learning Centre at LCCT provide free ESL classes at multiple levels for everyone, whether you are starting to learn English or improving your fluency for your job.

University of Texas

UT offers free ESL classes for adults, although it is not intended for total beginners.

Austin Free ESL Classes and English Conversation Practice



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