Best Beginner Resources for Learning German

Learning a new language like German can be hard, but finding the right resources shouldn’t be! And whether you’re a beginner or if your German is wunderbar, these online resources can always help you. So here’s a beginner guide to the best apps, books and resources for learning German. 


Busuu has personalised lessons for you as well as speech recognition to help you improve your speaking skills. Work on your vocab, grammar and fluency and your German will be fluent in no time. 


Obviously we have to mention Lexody… it’s the easiest way to practice speaking with a native German speaker! Find native German speakers in your city, who are also learning English. Meet in person, and spend 30 minutes speaking only in German. Then 30 minutes speaking only in English – allowing both of you to totally immerse!


Babbel is a great app that teaches you German from a complete beginner. Start your free week trial now and you won’t be able to stop! 


Lingoda offers live online classes with native German speakers, who can directly teach you and help you improve your German. Furthermore, as your German improves, you can get an internationally recognised Lingoda certificate for your German level!

Rocket Languages

Rocket Languages is brilliant for working on your speaking and listening skills, with hundreds of online interactive audio tasks. What’s more, it is completely free! Work on your German and you’ll be fluent in weeks! 

And if digital resources aren’t your speed, check out these textbooks designed for beginners! 

German for Dummies

Speak German in 90 Days  

Complete German Grammar  

Learn German for Beginners  

We hope this list of the best beginner resources was helpful for you, wherever you are in your German learning! Let us know in the comments below. Or better still, schedule a Lex and show off your German skills. 



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