Best Foreign Language Classes in NYC

I am a language lover, and really enjoy taking language classes. In my opinion, the best schools are the ones that you can truly immerse into a language. Therefore, we start our list with the schools who specialize in 1 language, and at the end we will chat about some well-known schools that offer multiple languages. Once you have a basic level of conversation, sign up on Lexody to practice speaking with natives in NYC!

Here are our favorite language schools in NYC.

CouCou French Classes

French Classes

CouCou is by far our favorite language classes in NYC. The second you step through the door, you feel like you’re back in Paris. The owners are super cool Parisian cousins, and the whole space is filled with French books and movie posters. All the instructors are also enviously-cool Parisians, as well as professional and stay in French the whole time. We could not recommend this school more highly!

Instituto Cervantes

Spanish Classes

This Spanish school totes the claim of ‘The Official Spanish Language Centre in New York’, and has ties to a division of the Spanish Ministry and Spanish Consulate – so you’re basically already in Spanish on day one! The classes and structure for adults reminds me of college language classes, and require an entrance exam to properly place you. Don’t be put off by their un-sexy website – these Spanish classes are the real deal!

Italiano Italia

Italian Classes

This cute Italian school offers classes, but also has a lot of Italian excursions. The cultural immersion events range from an Italian dinner to practice your Italian conversation skills, to a 5-day trip to Rome to chat it up with the locals! If you’re looking to really get into the Italian culture, look no further!

Beautiful Mandarin

Chinese Classes

This Chinese school has classes for the whole family – 我喜欢它!They even set a goal for all students – fluent in 2 years. Just trying to become conversational? They also host many Chinese language and cultural events that you can attend. The number of Chinese speakers is growing rapidly, so start learning the most spoken language in the world, today!

Goethe Institute

German Classes

I mean… this place is freakin’ cool! It’s a large building dedicated to all things German. Besides classes, they have events, a book club, game nights, and movie nights! Besides classes and all these cool cultural immersion opportunities, their website actually has a lot of free materials to learn German at home.

Japan Society

Japanese Classes

Want to be around everything Japanese? Look no further than the Japan Society. All levels of Japanese classes are held daily, along with workshops for Hiragana, Katakana, Kanji and Shodo. Don’t want to take a class? They have an extensive calendar of events such as film screenings, talks (think Ted), and art openings – all in Japanese of course.

Korean Culture Center

Korean Classes

This school is the prime place to immerse into the Korean language. The school offers Korean classes, as well as English classes, meaning you’ll be mingling with native speakers before and after each class! Besides language classes, they also offer a variety of art classes, conversation opportunities, and music events.

The Arabic School of New York

Arabic Classes

One of my favorite things about this school is that the classes are small – typically 4 people or less! The other great thing is that you can choose which dialect of Arabic you want to learn! No more ‘standard Arabic’, but you’ll actually learn how to speak to natives! Dialects include Egyptian, Yemeni, San’ani, Sudanese, Palestinian, and Syrian. Besides standard classes, they also have classes about novels, idioms, and calligraphy!

Here’s a quick list of solid language schools, that teach multiple languages, in Manhattan and Brooklyn.

Fluent City

Spanish, French, Italian, Arabic, Portuguese, German, Chinese, Japanese, Russian and Hebrew classes

Fluent City is known as the ‘millennial language school’, and even offers you a beer on the first day of class (trust me – you learn better while in your natural habitat).

City Speakeasy

Arabic, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Mandarin, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish classes.

City Speakeasy’s classes build up to a real life immersion experience, such as a restaurant outing (which serves as your class that week).


French, Spanish, Italian, German and Portuguese Classes

This charming bookstore hosts classes in most European languages. Not only is the space beautiful, but their classes are consistently rated in the top language classes offered in NYC! Brooklyn and Manhattan locations available.

Do you have a favorite language school in NYC? Let us know in the comments below!



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