Best French Music to Improve your French

Learning a language is hard and sometimes repetitive. So here are the best Francophone singers to listen to so you can improve your French while having fun!

If you’re learning French, one of the best ways to listen to lots of real-life spoken French is through music! This will improve your French vocabulary and slang, as well as introduce you to some amazing artists! To help you know where to start, here are the best Francophone singers to listen to.

Also, as a little tip, go onto Genius and find the lyrics to the songs as you listen to them. This way you can see exactly what you’re hearing, as well as glean some cultural meaning to the songs that you might not have first picked up on.


Stromae is one of the most famous francophone artists alive today, with worldwide hits such as Alors on danse and Tous les mêmes. Hailing from Belgium, make sure you check him out, especially his live performances! My personal favorite songs of his are Papaoutai and Formidable.

MC Solaar

Person Singing

One of the best French rappers ever, MC Solaar is, in a word, a genius. His lyrics are lyrically wonderful, complex, and full of meaning (but they come thick and fast, so have the lyrics to hand as you listen). Check out La belle et le bad boy, La vie est belle and Caroline

Carla Bruni

Carla Bruni’s most famous song is the love song Quelqu’un m’a dit, in which you can hear the words amazingly clearly.  Surprisingly, despite her beautiful French accent, Carla Bruni is originally Italian.


Louane came into stardom on The Voice and then starred in the film La Famille Bélier (a feel-good movie about an aspiring singer born into a deaf family). Listen to Avenir and Je vole and you won’t be able to stop! 

Fréro Delavega

Made up of Jérémy Frérot and Florian Delavega, this duo also gained fame on The Voice. Listen to Le chant des sirènes and Ton visage for beautiful melodies and easy to understand French.

Kendji Girac

Although Kendji Girac’s first language is actually Catalan, almost all of his music is in French. He first became known online but quickly became one of France’s most loved singers. Check out Que Dieu me pardonne and Pour oublier and you’ll see why! 

Man Performing on Stage

All of these artists have released lots of music and sing very clear French, making their music an ideal resource for learning French! Whether you’re at home, on the bus or just walking around, make sure you have their music to listen to so you can enjoy learning French more than ever! And when you feel ready, schedule a Lex and share music recommendations with your partner!

After that check out our Book Search and see what your fellow learners are reading and share your own recommendations!

Best French Music to Improve your French



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