Best German musicians to listen to improve your German

The German music scene is one of the most diverse and famous in the world, with its well-known punk-rock, techno and pop music. Here are some of the best German artists so you can improve your German while enjoying great German music!


Nena is famous all over the world for her song 99 Luftballons, which she wrote as an anti-war song in 1984.


Seeed is a hip hop and reggae band from Berlin which has been consistently producing music since 1999. 

Ace Tee 

Ace Tee is an R&B rapper who is loved for her songs like Bist du down, which is ideal for listening to German.


Cro defines his music as ‘raop’ - a mix of rap and pop as its own genre. Listen to Traum and 1975 for this to hear this genre and improve your German! 


Metrickz is a rapper known for his songs Nicht wie Du and Wünsch mir was. Listen to him and you’ll be improving your German fluency in no time!


Rammstein is a rock - heavy metal band with a big German cult following. Listen to Du hast and Deutschland to see why!

Kontra K

Kontra K has been a rapper since dropping out of school at 16, and is loved for songs like Letzte Träne

All these artists are famous in Germany and mostly have clear, easy to understand German, making them ideal for language learning. Wherever you are, listen to their music and enjoy learning German more than ever! And when you feel ready, schedule a Lex and share music recommendations with your partner!

After that check out our Book Search and see what your fellow learners are reading and share your own recommendations!

Best German musicians to listen to improve your German



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