Best Intermediate-Advanced French Books to improve your French

If you're learning French and have reached the intermediate-advanced level, then here's a list of the best books to read to improve your French!

If your level of French is now more advanced, you'll know the importance of reading. Similarly you'll hopefully have read our list of the best beginner French books, but now it's time for a bigger challenge. Well the wait is over!  So here is our list of the best French books for intermediate-advanced learners!

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Madame Bovary - Gustave Flaubert - intermediate

Certainly a classic of French literature, this book tells the story of a Madame Bovary, who tries to escape the unexciting life set out for her. Above all it's perfect for improving your French, strengthening your cultural knowledge and having a great read, so don’t miss out on this! 

Thérèse Raquin - Émile Zola - intermediate

The scandal, murder, and betrayal in Zola’s masterpiece will keep you gripped from start to finish. If you ever feel at all bored, this novel will provide enough excitement to last you for days, so get reading!

Candide - Voltaire - advanced

This satire is known for contrasting great tragedy with comedy, and is filled with wit and a parodied adventure-romance plot. Certainly a great book to dig your teeth into, this will quench your craving for French literature! 

Cyrano de Bergerac - Edmond Rostand - advanced

One of my favourite books ever, this play tells the tragic love-story of Cyrano, whose ability as a poet and swordsman is unmatched. However, he cannot confess his love to Roxane because of his enormous nose. Above all the poetry, wit and plot is so spectacular that this even features on our best French films list!

Phèdre - Jean Racine - advanced

One of the most famous French tragedies ever written, this play is based on the Greek and Roman character Phaedra. So delve deep into the title character’s internal conflicts and suffering, inciting both sympathy and horror.

Check out our book search and see what your fellow learners are reading and share your own recommendations!

Best Intermediate-Advanced French Books to improve your French



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