Best Portuguese books to read to improve your Portuguese

Reading is one of the best and most accessible ways you can improve your language skills. So whether you’re stuck at home, on a bus or waiting somewhere, bring a book or Kindle and keep improving your Portuguese! So here’s our list of the best books to read to improve your Portuguese!

Furthermore if you read lots, or simply want to read lots easily, getting a Kindle subscription could revolutionise your learning! And if you want to bring your books with you wherever you go, getting a Kindle is perfect (or this is a more general, cheaper option). 

Novos Contos da Montanha – Miguel Torga

‘New Tales from the Mountain’ is a book of short stories, perfect for learning Portuguese. So you can dive in and out as you like and enjoy each tale, such as ‘O lopo’ and ‘Natal’. 

A Sibila – Agustina Bessa-Luís

This book is about Quina, who is a wise and cunning ‘sybil’. Most importantly this celebrated work shows off the author’s unique narrative style, as well as demonstrating the importance of the past, so don’t miss out on reading this! 

Terra Sonâmbula – Mia Couto

‘Sleepwalking Land’ tells the story of 2 men who find some notebooks which detail the start of independence for Mozambique and the political instability before the civil war. So if you want to expand your cultural knowledge of Mozambique whilst reading a great book, this is the book for you! 

A Geração da Utopia – Pepetela

Finally this novel is a brutal description of the war between Portuguese colonists and the Angolans fighting for their independence. Above all loved for its writing and intricate historical detail, this is a fantastic book to start your Portuguese reading! 

Did you enjoy our list of the best books to read to improve your Portuguese? Let us know in the comments below! And when you’re done reading, why not schedule a Lex and share your recommendations with your partner!

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