Best Spanish Books to read to Improve your Spanish

If you're learning Spanish, reading books is one of the best ways to improve your language skills! So here's our list of the best Spanish books to read.

If you're learning Spanish, reading is one of the best ways you can improve! So no matter where you are, have a book or Kindle with you and delve into Spanish literature! Finally as a tip, if you struggle with the language or are reading too slowly, find a dual-language book with a facing translation. So here's our list of the best Spanish books to read!

Furthermore if you read lots, or simply want to read lots easily, getting a Kindle subscription could revolutionise your learning! And if you want to bring your books with you wherever you go, getting a Kindle is perfect (or this is a more general, cheaper option).

Esperanza Renace - Pam Muñoz Ryan 

‘Esperanza Rising’ is a hard-hitting coming-of-age novel for Esperanza, a 13 year old Mexican child. Above all it tells the story of her and her mother going from riches to rags after her father’s death, and having to face up to the poverty and migration as they move to California.

La Casa de los Espíritus - Isabel Allende

‘The House of the Spirits’ is the debut novel of Chilean writer Isabel Allende and received worldwide acclaim. Certainly not a gentle book, it follows the Trueba family and involves lots of Allende’s iconic magical realism. 

Del amor y otros Demonios - Gabriel García Márquez

This is about a ‘miracle worker’ young girl who is bitten by a rabid dog and sent away. García Márquez, whose other famous works also include El amor en los tiempos del cólera, says the novel is based on a legend, and has been turned into a film and an opera. 

Bodas de Sangre - Federico García Lorca

In contrast, ‘Blood Wedding’ is a Greek-style tragedy about two men’s furious love for a girl, the Bride. There is all the love, action, plot twists and fighting of any great play, so this will have you gripped until the end and improving your Spanish in no time!

Como Agua Para Chocolate - Laura Esquivel

Finally, set against the backdrop of the protagonist’s favorite recipes, ‘Like Water for Chocolate’ tells the story of Tita’s forbidden love for Pedro and the rigidity of her family, through her love for food and cooking. Above all, this is a passionate story about her rebellion and defiance and is in beautiful Spanish. 

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Best Spanish Books to read to Improve your Spanish



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