Bilinguals have a different concept of time

t looks like bilinguals (or anyone speaking more than 2 languages fluently) are the closest humans to mastering time travel, and here is why.

A new study shows that words influence the way you perceive and experience time. This study shows that the word 'Time' has different meanings, according to the language you are thinking in.

Read the study here

Any bilingual probably already felt that way, but now it's confirmed.

Besides time, there are other ways being bilingual makes you see the world differently. There are entire words and phrases in each language that do not exist in any other language. This means, you can 'feel' a feeling that you were not even aware existed, by studying multiple languages.

I remember when I first heard the word 'hangry' (hungry + angry), and my entire adolescent life suddenly became a lot clearer - I wasn't a terrible child, I was just always hungry.

Bilinguals have a different concept of time



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