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The Quincy Market, all the shellfish you could eat, and Mike’s Pastry shop’s goodies might all sound very tempting to you, but have you ever wanted to take a break from ordering in ‘Bostonian?’

Being a member of Lexody has its perks, one of which is this very blog here. On this site, we give you our top picks of everything culture and language-related, from bookstores, to cinemas, to fun festivals to check out! But maybe most importantly are our fun tips for practicing your target languages. Why not try new food while trying out the new phrase you just learned from your ‘lex’ language exchange partner?

Thanks to some of our Bostonian friends, we have compiled a list of the top ‘authentic’ restaurants in ‘Beantown,’ where you can order in your target language!


La Voile

Well-known for having as many Francophone customers as Americans, this is the place to go if you are a francophile and are missing ‘chez toi.’ As an ode to Cannes, this restaurant prides itself in not just authentic cuisine, but a whole ambience imported straight from Europe. This ambience can be seen through their staff, the food itself , but also the elegance that can only be described as quintissential ‘française.’ This place is very well-known and can be found on the famous Newbury Street.



This restaurant is a big hit with Spanish customers, who rave that it is ‘delicioso’ and the ‘best of Boston.’ What is so intriguing about this place is that it is a true ‘tapas’ bar, unlike the many new ‘tapas’ dessert and appetizer places that have been popping up lately. It offers many great options, such as scrumptious paella, seafood dishes, and inventive drinks. The staff is also very helpful and talkative -give it your all when you order your food in Spanish. Vamos!



‘If you’re looking for a real Italian restaurant,’ ‘the only real Italian food in the city,’ ‘the best restaurant’- these are only a few of the reviews, written in Italian by true Italians, about this wonderful oasis. Located on Charles Street, this restaurant serves up ‘cibo toscano’, tuscan cuisine, like it should be served- you won’t find any chicken parms or alfredos here! The menu items are written in Italian, the staff is Italian, and the whole place feels Italian, so try your best to speak with everyone here in Italian- it might surprise you how well it goes!

Other words of advice:

Ordering at a restaurant in a new language for the first time might seem a little daunting, but don’t worry- no one is here to correct or judge you! The servers will be extremely impressed by your attempt, no matter how elementary it might feel to you. In my experience, they always end up offering their own advice on what to get, or even ask how you started studying their native language. It’s a great way to connect with others, and will definitely impress your friends who don’t study the language.

If you end up really liking one of these places, why not go on a ‘lex’ language exchange there? Bring your language partner and talk about their culture, as you eat their native cuisine, food that they most definitely will have recommendations for!

Boston is such a mecca for different cultures, and for whatever language and culture you’re studying, there will be a restaurant that will serve your interests! Maybe if you’re learning Hebrew, check for an Israeli place- falafel is never a bad idea!

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Good luck to you, and happy eating/ordering!

Danielle Hadjin


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