Where to Meet on a Lex ‘Language Experience’: Cambridge Edition

Great news! Lexody is now officially in Cambridge, MA! Waste no time in scheduling your first Lex so you can improve your language skills immediately. Here’s a quick insider’s guide to the best casual places to meet your partner. They all stay open late and offer a friendly atmosphere that is perfect to meet up with someone. And they have great coffee! 

Tatte Bakery and Cafe

This is one of Cambridge’s most loved cafes, so find your nearest location and come here for your first Lex! 

Andala Coffee House  

This comfortable cafe will make you and your partner feel at home, so come enjoy their great coffee and have conversation in a relaxed setting. 

Cafe Pamplona

Harvard Square’s oldest cafe, this old school cafe offers great coffee, food and service. 

1369 Coffee House  

This welcoming cafe has two locations in Cambridge, both with popular coffee, food and a gallery.

Cafe Zing

This cafe serves fresh organic food and excellent coffee and has the perfect relaxed atmosphere that you’ll want for your first Lex! 

Cafe Gato Rojo

Students love this place and it’s not hard to tell why! The cheap coffee, food and great service are just what you want for a Lex, and there’s plenty of space to sit and relax. 

Clover Food Lab  

This place takes its food seriously! For tasty interesting food look no further – schedule your Lex here and you won’t regret it. 



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