Chinese Mandopop = Good Tunes

Nickthereal recently released an incredibly impressive album that has a mixture of Chinese and English songs. Even better, the album has a great variety of genres. It is not as crazy as Beyoncé putting a country song on her last album, but it does ensure you’ll find at least one song to obsess over.

Dominated primarily by club beats, Nickthereal’s new album, REAL, is a good listen for anyone, even if you’re not familiar with Chinese.

This album is broken into 2 ‘cds’ (Is that the right way to say it, in the digital age?)

Turn Up, could be played in a NYC club.

Then you have 需要你的美 (Hey), the song that could be the playing at the end of a 90’s romcom (romantic comedy film) where the 2 main characters are kissing.

Both cds end with the song 角頭. I personally love the second cd’s version – 角頭 (Remix). It just makes me want to move.

Are you also a fan of Nickthereal’s new album? Let us know your fav song below!
Just a fan of Chinese music in general? Suggest some good artists below!

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