Foreign Language Bookstores in Boston

As a city that houses many intellectuals, it comes to no surprise that there are many people interested in foreign languages in Boston... but what have happened to all the bookstores??  We've done some heavy lifting to find some of the last remaining bookstores that carry books in foreign languages. I have curated a list of some of the top foreign language bookstores, with the help of my native Boston polyglots!

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Commonwealth Books

'Medieval manuscripts" and other 'niche' books can all be found here. This is described as an 'eclectic' bookstore, and it has a book for everyone, including you! If you want to find a one-of-a-kind book, you should step in, maybe you'll never leave.

Rodney’s Bookstore

This store is quite the find - they have a little bit of everything! We might even suggest going and asking if they have any books in *some language*, and chances are they will. We have seen for sure French, German and Russian books, but they buy all sorts of rare finds, so there's a high chance they may also have Spanish, Italian, or Chinese if you go at the right time!

Harvard Bookstore

While you can obviously find a book about how to learn any language here, they also have some good finds for reading in foreign languages. While their selection isn't huge, they do have some collections of short stories in Japanese, German, Korean French and Spanish. You can probably find one or two goodies to take home in most common foreign languages.


Japanese manga? Yes please! Let's face it, if you're learning Japanese, you MUST be reading manga... maybe it's even the reason you're learning Japanese! Stop by Comicopia for native Japanese comics, and even many gadgets and gizmos inspired by Japanese characters.

Isreal Book Shop

Even if you're not insterested in reading about anything Jewish, you can find some great books here in languages such as German, Russian, Spanish, Hebrew and Yiddish. Their selection ranges from philosophy to cook books - so you're bound to find something you can read to practice!

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Foreign Language Bookstores in Boston



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