Foreign Language Bookstores in San Diego

Bookstores are becoming rare, and bookstores that carry books in foreign languages is becoming even rarer! We've done some digging, and compiled a list of San Diego bookstores that still carry books in foreign languages.

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Bluestocking Books

Bluestocking has a marvelous selection of books in many languages! We have seen for sure Portuguese, German and Mandarin, but there's a high chance you'll find French and Spanish as well!

Del Sol Books

This cure bookstore specializes on children's books in English and Spanish. Although you mat not find in-depth philosophy books, you will find Spanish books from children to teen. Children's books are typically the best books to start with for beginners!

Postmodern Bookstore

This books store is a collection of gems! Their own site states they have over '1,400 books in Spanish and 400 in German in addition to many other languages like ancient Mesopotamia'. We have also seen Japanese here!


Japanese Manga anyone?? BookOff has an excellent selection of both English and Japanese manga available! Besides manga, they also have a large selection of Japanese novels and trinkets.

Desert Book

This books store has a huge selection of Spanish books. You can find a wide arrange of reading levels here, from children to advanced adult novels in Spanish. Muy bien!

Maxwell's House of Books

This used bookstore has a little bit of everything! We have definitely seen Spanish and French novels, but on any given day you might also stumble upon Italian or German novels as well!

Xinhua Bookstore

Chinese books + dumplings?? This isn't a dream - it's a real place! You'll find one of the largest collections of Chinese-language books in the San Diego area at Xinhua. Children's books, adult novels, and even cooking books can all be found here in Chinese!

Paras News

Magazines in all languages!! Want to read about fashion in Italian or cars in German? Look no further - this news stand has one of the largest collections of international magazines in the San Diego area.

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Foreign Language Bookstores in San Diego



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