Free English Classes and English Conversation Practice in San Francisco Bay Area

Learning English or want to practice English conversation? Here is our top list of free English classes, or English conversation practice in the San Francisco Bay Area!

City College of San Francisco

ESL Classes, VESL Skill Classes, Citizen Preparation

They offer beginning to advanced ESL, VESL classes, and citizen preparation for FREE! What an incredible offer! Their website says you will gain 'the language skills necessary to achieve a variety of social, academic, and vocational goals.' They have 6 convenient locations - Ocean Ave, Civic Center, Downtown, Mission, Chinatown-North Beath, and John Adams.


English Conversation Practice

Practice English conversation, in-person, with Americans in the San Francisco area. The best part - those Americans are also learning your native language. Meet in person, spend 30 minutes speaking in English, then 30 minutes speaking in your native language.

University of California, San Fransisco

English Conversation Classes

Each Wednesday from 6pm-8pm, volunteers host free, conversational English classes. Besides the free class, you'll be able to practice conversation in a safe and easy way!

San Francisco Public Library

Free Classes

The Public Library offers a range of free classes throughout the year. Classes include ESL, Computer help (also in Spanish and Chinese). Check out their website for upcoming classes.

Free is hard to come by these day, but hopefully you will be able to learn more English for free with the above resources! Know a good free English class? Comment below or email us at [email protected]!

Free English Classes and English Conversation Practice in San Francisco Bay Area



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