Free English Classes in NYC for ESL Learners

Learning English in the NYC area? Here's a list of 4 places in NYC that offer free English classes!

If I could have one wish granted in my life, it would be to be in a constant state of language immersion. As a former exchange student, I have lived in immersive situations for months at a time and wow, how tiring it is!   Even the most normal, slow days were exhausting for me, as I would have to pay a lot of attention to who was speaking, what they were saying, and how I should respond, in a language I was still in the process of learning! Even as I became more fluent, I still felt like there was always room for improvement. I wanted to seem like a native speaker!   If you are like this at all with English, here's the good news: you live in New York, where everything is possible! If you want to gain some more confidence in this very confusing language, here is my advice: find free conversations courses like these:

New York Public Library

 Many options, many levels, many new friends! Many books to pick up as well after class! This free service has classes for every level English speaker and even offers to help prepare people for their citizenship exams! This would be a great supplement to weekly Lex 'language experiences', as you can practice what you learn with your Lex partners afterward

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NYC Department of Education    

This is your go-to website for tons of course options, which are available throughout the city. Scroll down the page to find where "Literacy Zones" are offered in your area, which focus not just on the language but offer resources to help you acclimate to New York City life and culture.

The City College of New York

   Free English/ESL classes in a college setting! How cool! All levels are welcome- as with many courses, you get placed in a class based on your score on an exam. Why not add your name to the waitlist- they find you a class based on your current level and availability!

Columbia University

These "community impact" courses are perfect for adults looking for language help, as well as career counseling. What better way to learn English than take a free course at an Ivy league school?! They offer three different cycles of classes throughout the year, with many different time offerings. I highly suggest checking this resource out, as this is offered in another area of New York City and it will greatly increase your fluency as it meets four times a week.

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 Free English classes will help you tremendously as you continue to progress in your Lexody conversations. They will be new resources and will provide great suggestions for what improvement still needs to be done. By working on the grammar and specifics in your classes, you'll be able to practice what you learn in your 'lex' conversations and try out new vocabulary easily! What could be better?!     Let us know which are your favorite (and FREE) English classes here in New York!   Have fun, and never stop learning!          

Free English Classes in NYC for ESL Learners



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