Free English Classes in Washington DC Area

Learning English in Washington DC? Want to perfect your accent? Here are 5 free ways to practice your English in the Washington DC area. Remember - practice makes perfect!

Public Library

The DC Public Library holds ESL Conversation Groups, which are offered in many locations, and many times across the DC area!


Want to practice English conversation, slang, and your pronunciation with real Americans? Sign up for FREE on Lexody. With Lexody, you can schedule 1-on-1 meetings with other Americans, just like you. They live in DC, and are learning your native language. They also want to help you with your English! Click here to sign up for free today!

Georgetown University

The University offers free English classes each semester, which focus on listening, speaking, pronunciation, reading, writing, and grammar. Check here for the next session!

Job Interview Help

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Need help preparing for a job interview, or applying to a job online in English? offers free help in English interviews, preparing your written resume.

Teaching House

Free English classes, typically during the day from 2p-4p. They allow you to sign up through Simple, easy, and in a group!

Best of luck on your English journey.

Free English Classes in Washington DC Area



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