Free ESL Classes and English Conversation Practice in Los Angeles

Are you looking for a way to improve your English reading, writing and conversation skills? Here are 5 free ways to practice conversation and improve your English fluency in Los Angeles.

Los Angeles English

This school offers a TON of free English classes around LA! Classes are also taught in specific native languages, such as Chinese, Farsi, Korean, Russian or Spanish.


Practice English conversation, 1-on-1, with an American! Find Americans who are learning your native language. Meet in person, and spend 30 minutes speaking English, and 30 minutes speaking in your language. It's free to create a profile!

Los Angeles Community College

LACC offers free courses in ESL, Vocational ESL, Citizenship/English Literacy and Workforce Literacy. You don't get college credit for these courses, but they are free!

Teaching House

This LA school offers a free English class Monday-Fridays. Their class focuses on speaking. listening, reading and writing.

YMCA Los Angeles

The YMCA offers a free English class for all levels. Their website says you'll improve conversation, help your children with school work, communicate better with doctors and teachers and co-workers.

Free ESL Classes and English Conversation Practice in Los Angeles



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