Intermediate-Advanced French Apps

There's so many apps for beginners, but what about the intermediate-advanced French speakers? Here's our roundup of the best apps and resources to continue your French journey.


I am a HUGE fan of Brainscape. Even the most advanced French speaker will find this app engaging, competitive, and time-worthy. I use this app on the Subway or even during long flights. Each flashcard has a recording of a native speaker, and you can go through thousands of words, sentences, or grammar topics to quiz yourself. If you rate your knowledge of the word poorly, it will appear more frequently until you've mastered it! With over 14,000 cards, you will definitely be challenged and learn something new.


The best way to become fluent... is to immerse! Lexody is a language exchange network to find native French speakers in your city. You can meet up for coffee or a drink, and have a real French conversation! Also... it's free to make a profile!


If you're a language learner, you've most likely heard of this site before. What we love about it is that it's REAL. You can watch videos about news, sports, movies, etc. in their native language, and then be quizzed on your comprehension! This is a great tool for intermediate-advanced learners who want specialized content, or just want to practice your listening comprehension.

Okay... it's not an app but I'm OBSESSED with this site! I look up one word, and then get lost in all the varying sayings and usage of any particular word. This is a great site to fall into an abyss of words, phrases, idioms, and proverbs!

French Newspapers

The best thing an intermediate-advanced French learner can do is keep up with the local news! Download any French news app, and turn on those notifications! Not only will you be up-to-date with international news, you'll be pushed constant French articles that will be sure to keep you thinking in French all day long!

Here's a list of some note-worthy French news apps:

France 24

Le Figaro



Just like reading the news, listening to podcasts and news reports can help with listening comprehension and general immersion. Check out our list of French podcasts for Intermediate-Advanced French learners (really they are for native speakers... but you're almost one!)

Intermediate-Advanced French Apps



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