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I have to tell you the truth: I've never been one to listen to podcasts. Growing up, I would find myself listening to NPR over and over again with my mother on long car trips- the stories were interesting, but I didn't like hearing them for the third time over. Luckily, with today's technology, we are no longer tuning our radios on, instead we are free to search the web for any podcast that might suite our fancy.

Italian podcasts are super interesting and diverse. On just one website, I've been able to hear about personal stories, top headlines, new books, as well as a bit of Italian history. Luckily, these podcasts are super clear- people articulate and speak slowly so they are great for language learners. This is a great way to hear how true Italians speak, and if you listen carefully to their accents, you might even be able to tell where they come from. Here are some of my favorite podcasts so far:


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A 33 year-old Milanese loses all his memory. He doesn't even know who he is. He learns how to do everything again, from the beginning. It's a very personal story and reminds me of a great autobiography. As it is a podcast, it's something that I could listen to anywhere, doing anything, which I love so much. I've picked up many new words, especially technical terms that I would never hear otherwise. It's a heartwarming, true story that you will remember per sempre.

Paese Mio

Each podcast focuses on small towns in Italy that are less well known. These little 'comuni' are full of character, culture, and amazing food, yet they are not touristic. Listening to these segments makes me want to put them on my bucket list of places to visit the next time I'm in Italy-definitely give this series a listen!


If you're into being nostalgic or want a sweet story to listen to, this is perfect. This is an old radio program that has been restored, which follows the adventures of Mickey Mouse! Mickey Mouse, or Topolino, was featured in many comics for children in Italy for a long time, and his stories are silly, sometimes magical, and fun to listen to, even if you're an adult already. Programs for children are also easier to understand!


World news, in Italian! It's always interesting seeing how other countries speak about international issues. Sometimes, living in the US, it's hard to think outside our country, yet it's very important to do this. This is a great way to get your news of the day, as well as work on your Italian comprehension skills. The reporters speak clearly and eloquently, yet if you concentrate, the language is still very accessible.

Listening to native speakers of a language is always a great way to work on your language skills. It is something that you can do whenever and wherever- you could work out while listening to stories or the news, or you could be walking to work or cooking. As long as you're listening, you're learning! Make sure to check out a few different podcasts to see which ones really interest you, and have a good time becoming more informed on new issues, things that you may have never thought about before!

Have fun! Divertiti!

Italian Podcasts for Italian Learners



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