Where to Meet on a Lex ‘Language Experience’: Philadelphia Edition

Great news! Lexody is now officially in Philadelphia, PA! Waste no time in scheduling your first Lex so you can improve your language skills immediately. Here’s a quick insider’s guide to the best casual places to meet your partner. They all stay open late and offer a friendly atmosphere that is perfect to meet up with someone. Enjoy these local classics! 

Hard Rock Cafe

Located in downtown Philly, you can’t go wrong with the Hard Rock Cafe! Come here for great American food and a fun atmosphere to help break the ice on your Lex. 

Front Street Cafe

If it’s warm, come here and sit in the garden and enjoy their fabulous juice bar and if it’s cold then try their coffees! Front Street Cafe is a trendy, comfortable and relaxing place perfect for a Lex.

Green Line Cafe  

This cafe has famously great coffee and with 7 spots in the city, it’s a great meeting spot, no matter where you’re coming from. 

Good Karma Cafe  

This environmentally-friendly cafe will help you and your partner relax into conversation with its great coffees and friendly staff.

Chapterhouse Cafe and Gallery  

This is a great place to practice your language skills in a very calm environment, and features lots of local art!


Schedule your Lex at this fun all-day cafe that will immediately make you and your partner feel at home with great food and great service. 

Saxbys 30th Street Station

This cafe is built both for speed and for comfort. Come and enjoy their delicious coffee in an ideal location. 



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