3 Tips for your Lex

Let's face it - meeting up with someone you've never met, AND who doesn't speak your language, can be intimidating. The exciting part though - every time you meet, you will be a little bit more comfortable speaking in a foreign language!

Here are some tips to make the most of your language exchange meeting:

  1. Before the Lex, look at the topics you're going to be speaking about. Try to review any vocabulary you think you'll need.
  2. Take a notebook. During your conversation, write 2-5 words or phrases that you don't know. On your next Lex, try to use them so they will engrain in your brain!
  3. Don't correct the other person too much. The goal is to speak - so let the mistakes slide a little.

Repetition is key! Immersion is the only way to truly learn a language, so try and lex at least once a week. Let us know any tips for fellow Lexers in the comments below!

3 Tips for your Lex



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