Where to Meet on a Lex ‘Language Experience’: Miami Edition

Great news! Lexody is now officially in Miami, FL! Waste no time in scheduling your first Lex so you can improve your language skills immediately. Here’s a quick insider’s guide to the best casual places to meet your partner. They all stay open late and offer a friendly atmosphere that is perfect to meet up with someone. And they have great coffee! 

Panther Coffee  

Do not miss out on going to “Miami’s most popular coffee shop” (Time Out)! It’s amazing coffee and relaxed environment make Panther Coffee perfect for a Lex.

Cafe Bastille  

In downtown Miami, this Parisian cafe will make you and your partner immediately at home and adds a French flavor so is especially helpful if you’re learning French. 

Lemoni Cafe  

This quiet little cafe serves great food and drink and provides the perfect friendly atmosphere you want for your Lex.

Pasion del Cielo Coffee

Right in midtown, come here for its comfort and range of coffees. Open all day, the casual atmosphere is ideal for you and your partner.

Greenstreet Cafe

This Miami classic is open late and serves great food and drink all day. Come sit in their outdoor lounge for your Lex! 

Big Pink

Located right on Miami Beach, this all-day diner has a relaxed friendly atmosphere to make you and your partner comfortable to learn each other’s language. 

Shepherd Artisan Coffee  

This cafe has locations all over Miami and is famous for its coffee so don’t miss out and schedule your Lex now! 



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