NYC Summer Cultural Festivals

In my hometown, we always would have a ‘Greek fest’ and a ‘tulip fest.’ It didn’t matter whether you were Greek or Dutch- you simply had to go. These cultural events were the highlight of our summers and the most posted-about activities on social media. Even living in NYC, I oftentimes find that there is something truly memorable about these gatherings, and I tend to be drawn to them as a scroll through Facebook events and TimeOut posts.

Lucky for you, reader, I have already scoured the internet and curated the top events not to miss this summer:

Museum Mile Festival

A large ‘block party’, where you get free admission to many museums. Lots of food from many different cuisines! In the Upper East Side on June 12th, 2018 6-9PM.

Egg Rolls, Egg Creams & Empanadas Festival

A mix of Jewish, Chinese, and Puerto Rican cultures, cuisines, music…and languages! This festival is going to be held at the Museum at Eldridge Street on June 17th, 2018 12-4 PM.

New York Asian Film Festival

This film festival has been running for almost two decades. It showcases several genres of film, attempting to bring them to a new audience. Films will be shown at the Film Society of Lincoln Center and the SVA Theatre throughout June and July.

Fourth of July

Yay, America! Celebrate our independence by doing one of the following activities: experiencing the Macy’s Fireworks over the East River; going on a day trip to Coney Island (watching the hot-dog eating competition) or hailing a ride to Long Island/the Hamptons; taking a cruise for the best view of the fireworks; organizing a picnic in your favorite park…

Hong Kong Dragon Boat Festival

Located at Flushing Meadows Park. Come here to eat yummy, traditional Chinese food and take in Chinese culture. Gape in awe at the massive dragon boats as they compete for prizes! Mark your calendars for August 11-12th, 2018!

And there you have it folks- I can’t wait to check these events out! I’ll definitely try out my limited Spanish and Hebrew skills at the ‘egg rolls’ event, and I will be sure to keep myself open to learning another language after going to the Asian film festival! Thinking about it, these events would be a great meeting place for a Lex, or even a topic of conversation during one!

Enjoy, and remember to wear sunscreen ( and work off all those empanadas you’ll surely eat!)





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