Podcasts in French for Intermediate-Advanced French learners

So, you want to listen to French podcasts, but all the ones you find are for beginners learning French! For the intermediate-advanced French learner, listening to podcasts en français is the best way to flex your listening comprehension skills. Here is our list of current French-language podcasts, that French people actually listen to!


This podcast features true stories about people and their neighbors. Each episode follows a different story about stalking, love, secrets, and crimes.

Generation XX

This podcast is for the female entrepreneur. Each episode introduces a new French entrepreneur, and her journey as a female businesswoman.

Le Tchip

This is your pop culture fill! They talk about the latest in pop culture news, and then the 3 hosts chat about their thoughts on it. You’ll learn some francophone celebrities, but most likely you will know the people they are discussing – such as Nipsey Hussle, Cardi B, Will Smith, Meghan Markle, and even the Spice Girls!

Kiffe ta race

This podcast discusses racial tension in the world, and gives a safe place to discuss all their different views of people around the world.

48 – Le podcast

Sports fans – this one is for you! It’s a french-language podcast that just talks about US Basketball. It discusses recent games, and analyzes different famous players in the NBA.


This series of short stories is great if you’re looking for short, consumable episodes. Each season is about 5-10 episodes, with each episode being only 10-15 minutes. Each season follows a different character, and tells their short story.

Vieille Branche

Each episode of this french podcast has a different person, age 75 or older, talking about how they have seen the world change. They talk about history, culture, art, politics, and that changing ideas of the world.


True crime, disappearances, catfish, and conspiracies all wrapped into one juicy podcast. For all the true crime junkies out there, subscribe to this French podcast where they dive into a new case each episode!


Another great podcast for the true crime junkies! This podcast discusses different missing person cases. Each case typically spans 2-5 episodes, and talks about the facts, and then speculates all the different scenarios that could have lead to the disappearance.

Want to search through French podcasts yourself? Here are the top producers of Francophone podcasts.


France Culture



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Comment below with your favorite French podcasts!

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