Ready To Start a New Language?

Are you ready to start a new language? We’re obsessed with City Speakeasy’s beginner classes. They’re the perfect way to dive right in, establish some basic conversational skills, and get ready to Lex in a brand new language! Even better, 8 of City Speakeasy’s beginner classes are available as rewards in The Lexchange this week. You can get up to $100 off by cashing in your Lexicoins.

We spoke with Joe, one of the founders of City Speakeasy, to learn more about how their classes work and why they’re such a cool language learning experience.


Lexody: What is City Speakeasy?

Joe: A foreign language school in NYC that is tailored for adults.


Lexody: Why did you start City Speakeasy? 

Joe: A partner and myself took a class at one of our now competitors and saw that    they were missing something big – their HS style of teaching “at you” instead of “with you” was not effective for adults.


Lexody: How is City Speakeasy different than other language classes or schools? 

Joe: Our classes are specifically tailored for adults, so we teach only practical “adult” language. After polling our students we found that most of them are taking a class for: travel, to talk to family, or to learn something new and meet new people and they all have a desire for “conversation” in common. So our classes are very conversationally based, very welcoming, and very practical for adults looking to learn a new language for similar reasons.  All this “practical” learning comes together at the end of the 8 week course, where the class will get to use the language they learned in the classroom, in a real-life out of the class room event.  For example, our French beginner class will go to an authentic French restaurant and get to order their meal in French from the French speaking waiter or waitress, or our level 2 Italian class will go to a wine tasting with a professional sommelier and get to describe their wines in Italian all while learning about the culture and region of these Italian wines.      


 Lexody: What can students expect in a level 1 class?  

Joe: To be speaking right away.  Conversation is the goal, and we get you started on that journey from the minute you step into class.  We understand how important grammar and structure is in achieving this as well, so you’ll absolutely get a strong foundation, and we use that to build our conversational skills.


Lexody: What is a typical class like? 

Joe: 6-10, 25-35 year old working professionals in NYC.  Very welcoming and conversational classes, where alcohol is actually allowed in the classroom, if the students want to share a bottle of wine or something.  A great, energetic, smart and engaging teacher keeps the class learning and having a good time while doing so.


Lexody: What can students expect to know after the class is over? 

Joe: Basic conversational skills.  Enough to go to France, Spain, etc. and ask a local for directions and be able to get around.


Lexody: What resources are available to them as a City Speakeasy student?

Joe: Textbook, proprietary City Speakeasy Immersion guide (like a reference guide to the language), Absent & Review packets (in case you miss a class or want a refresher), and discounted teacher 1-on-1s.


Lexody: How does Lexody complement a City Speakeasy class? 

Joe: Lexody allows the students to use what they learned in the classroom in real-life practical settings. It’s a perfect complement.


Lexody: Do you have any favorite student success stories you can share?

Joe: Definitely! One of our students wrote us a letter from France thanking us because he was out to dinner and felt completely comfortable ordering his meal thanks to our classes.


Lexody: Are there any City Speakeasy updates students can look forward to in the near future?

Joe: We just launched a new website with increased functionality, we will be offering 2-week classes (versus the current 8-week classes), and 1-off events.


Lexody: Is there anything else you would like to share about City Speakeasy?

Joe: We have trial classes going all the time, So come check us out if you’re unsure you want to dive right in!

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