San Diego Free ESL Classes and English Conversation Practice

Are you learning English as a Second Language? Do you want to practice English conversation? Here are 5 free English classes or conversation practice in San Diego.

San Diego Community College

SDCC offers several classes around the San Diego area, and all for levels. Free English classes focus on conversation and pronunciation.


Practice English conversation, 1-on-1, with an American! Find Americans who are learning your native language. Meet in person, and spend 30 minutes speaking English, and 30 minutes speaking in your language. It's free to create a profile!

South Coast Literacy Council

This amazing organization offers over 20 free ESL classes all around the San Diego area. Classes focus on ESL, Conversation, and Citizenship test preparation.

San Diego Learning English Club

This Meetup group offers 2 levels of English classes. This is a group of international students who get together and help each other to improve their English.

MiraCosta College

This college offers free classes for beginner, intermediate and advanced English as a Second Language learner. ESL classes include conversation, reading, writing, and basic computer skills.

San Diego Free ESL Classes and English Conversation Practice



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