Spanish Podcasts for Intermediate-Advanced Spanish Learners

There so many podcasts to 'learn' Spanish, but what about those intermediate-advanced Spanish speakers that want to practice listening comprehension irl?

Here are Spanish-language podcasts, that are for real Spanish speakers (in other words - they aren't going to talk slowly and give English definitions the whole time).


Nómadas is the Travel Channel on a podcast! Each episode they travel to a new corner of the world, and talk about the area, the people, and local travel tips. If you love Spanish and travelling, this podcast has it all!

Así como suena

This podcast is the Mexican version of This American Life. Each episode follows a different real life story about love, life, violence, politics, and death.

Radio Ambulante

Speaking of This American Life... Radio Ambulante is an NPR Spanish-language podcast that again tells stories from Latin America. You'll hear stories from all countries in Central and South America, meaning you'll hear all Latin dialects your heart desires.

Crónica en negro

Is anyone else obsessed with true crime right now?? This podcast speaks in the Spain Spanish dialect, and each episode follows a different true crime story in Spain.

El Valle de los Tercos

This podcast is based in Sillicon Valley, and tells stories of Spanish-speaking founders and their companies. you're interested in programming, startups or business.


Want to explore podcasts yourself? Check out iVOOX, which is a podcast app with all Spanish-language podcasts. You can explore by genres such as history, science, culture, news, music, and more!

If you want to keep up with your Spanish speaking skills make sure to check out Lexody! You can find Spanish speakers in your city who are also learning English. Meet up for coffee or a drink, and have a real Spanish conversation!

Spanish Podcasts for Intermediate-Advanced Spanish Learners



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