The Best Arabic Cooking Shows to Spice Up Your Life

Check out these Arabic cooking shows on Youtube for an authentic and delicious way to practice and improve both your Arabic and your cooking skills!

Whether you’re a total beginner or an avid chef, there’s no better way to spice up your life than by trying your hand at some new dishes. And with these Arabic cooking shows, you can expand your culinary repertoire and your language skills at the same time! Food is a crucial part of Arab culture and hospitality, but you don’t have to travel to the Middle East to experience it for yourself. From ancient Moroccan bread recipes to high-end cocktail how-tos, we’ve collected the best Arabic cooking shows on YouTube in one place. Bring these unique flavors from across the Middle East to your kitchen and watch the magic happen. And with so many different choices, you’ll be hard-pressed to get bored!

Cooking with Alia

Chef Alia brings an authentic taste of Morocco to your table with every video. Her Arabic is clear, and her enthusiasm for cooking is palpable. That is to say, you’ll learn loads of language by watching and cooking with her -- not to mention make some excellent food! Be sure to try out grachel (القراشل), soft aniseed and sesame rolls. Or if you prefer something savory, try your hand at the vegetable tagine, a Moroccan classic.

Cocktails Araby

Do you fancy yourself a mixologist? Or want to impress guests with homemade craft cocktails at your next party? Then Cocktails Araby is your guy. He runs one of the only Arabic-language cocktail shows out there, and his recipes are top-notch. You’ll certainly learn useful vocabulary, but you'll also get the fascinating history of each drink, and tips for how to succeed in your future as a home mixologist. And better yet, new videos come out many times a week. Cheers!

Chef Taheri

This channel is your go-to for all different kinds of cooking. From Middle Eastern classics to Southern barbecue, Chef Taheri explains the methods and ingredients behind every dish in clear, direct Arabic. In addition, the photography makes every dish look even more delicious. Don’t miss koshary (كشري), a delicious Egyptian carb-bomb. Similarly, lamb saloona (صالونة لحم), a classic from Taheri’s native Bahrain, is an absolute delight!

Chef Ahmed AllCooking

If you’ve ever wondered how to bring the world-famous tastes of Lebanon to your kitchen, then Lebanese chef Ahmed has got you covered. He presents every recipe in an easy-to-follow way, so even the most novice cooks won’t get lost. In addition, he adds a personal touch to even the most traditional dishes. And it’s all in Arabic, so you’ll learn new words and phrases every step of the way! Try maamoul (المعمول), traditional Arab holiday cookies, or mana’eesh (مناقيش), if you’re in the mood for something rich and savory.

No matter your background in the kitchen, you’ll surely learn loads of Arabic from watching these Arabic cooking shows. It’s a great way to practice your language, and your results will be delicious no matter what. Above all, remember that Arab culture centers on food, so the more you try, the better off you'll be. And if you’re hungry for more Arabic learning opportunities, check out our Book Search for recommendations, and don’t forget to schedule a Lex to talk about your culinary adventures. Bsaha w raha! Bon appetit!

The Best Arabic Cooking Shows to Spice Up Your Life



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