The Best Arabic Learning Resources for Beginners

These free online tools are the best beginner Arabic learning resources to get you started speaking, reading, and writing Arabic in no time!

Are you intrigued by the Arabic language? Have an Arabic-speaking friend you’d love to show off to? Or just want to try your luck at snagging a discount at your favorite falafel joint? You’re not alone! Arabic is one of the world’s most widely-spoken and culturally diverse languages, and it’s in high demand. Luckily, it’s never been easier to learn! From mastering the alphabet to introducing yourself and getting around, here are 8 of the best beginner Arabic learning resources to get you speaking, reading, and writing Arabic like a pro in no time!

Learn the Alphabet

The Complete Guide to the Arabic Alphabet

Do the loops and seemingly-endless dots of the Arabic alphabet intimidate you? Or do you wonder how on earth to pronounce the sounds you hear? Don’t be! These lessons take you from zero to hero in Arabic, one letter at a time. You’ll learn how to read, write, and pronounce like a pro in no time!

Introduction to Arabic from Western Kentucky University

This free online course walks you through the entire Arabic alphabet and beyond, from the comfort of your home at your own pace. In addition to the sounds and shapes of letters, you’ll also learn the basics of greetings, introductions, and Arab cultures. Dive in -- this course is a great place to start!

Start Speaking!

Arabic Desert Sky

Masha’allah! Wow! This site is brimming with all the vocabulary words and basic grammar you’ll need to get around in the Arab world -- organized clearly and conveniently by theme, so you’ll never have to worry about where to find a word or phrase. It’s also full of tips for learning and more information about different Arabic dialects. 

Peace Corps Arabic

These free workbooks and audio files are designed to take you from zero knowledge to confident, basic speech in Arabicas quickly as possible. The lessons are based around real-world situations and dialogue, so you can be sure that you’ll use every word you learn! What’s more, if you still struggle with the alphabet, you’ll find a consistent English transcription system to help you out.

Arabic Pod 101

Practice your Arabic anytime, anywhere! These podcast and video lessons with native speakers will entertain and engage you as you learn. Better yet, there’s new content every week -- so you’ll never be bored!

The Best Dictionaries for Beginners

Fuzzy Arabic Dictionary

Do you ever hear a word you don’t know, but are unsure of how to spell it? Fear not, and consult the Fuzzy Arabic Dictionary. This is a catch-all for beginners -- you can find English translations for any Arabic word you come across, without worrying about misspellings or typing in Arabic. 


This excellent tool allows you to find translations and real-world example sentences for any new vocabulary words you come across. It’s also an awesome resource for beginners learning how to say the same thing in different dialects!

The Merriam-Webster Arabic-English Dictionary

This practical guide to the wide world of Arabic words is easy to navigate, bilingual, and bidirectional. Better yet, it's paperback and portable -- perfect for on-the-go translations and language encounters.


Bookmarking this dictionary is probably a good idea -- you’ll be coming back to it for a long while. This catch-all English-Arabic resource gives definitions, background, and suggestions for related words.

However you decide to learn Arabic, you can be sure that an enthusiastic and welcoming community of native speakers will support you on your language journey. Arab hospitality is legendary, so every new word opens doors to new relationships and opportunities. And once you've mastered the basics with these beginner Arabic learning resources, schedule a Lex to get speaking. Yalla! Let’s go!

The Best Arabic Learning Resources for Beginners



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