Washington DC: Foreign Language Bookstores to Visit

So, you're living in DC, the weather's getting nicer, and you want to work on your language skills? Look no further than a new bookstore to explore! Here's a list of our favorite foreign language bookstores- luckily there are many!

Language learning tip alert!

No matter what level we're at in a language, our books are always covered in mini notes, underlined words, and translations! It's a great linguistic 'workout' and it will definitely impress native speakers when you start using more complicated words!

English, Spanish, French, Italian, Russian, Japanese, Arabic...

Tempo Bookstore

4115 Wisconsin Ave NW suite 105, Washington, DC 20016

This is a foreign language learner's paradise! It is 'the place' to find language workbooks, for every level. It is especially helpful for those looking for English/ESL books. For French learners, there are copies of Asterisk (awesome comic), for Japanese learners, there are 'self-teaching' guides, for Italian learners, there are language for travelers books... The possibilities are endless!


Politics and Prose

5015 Connecticut Ave NW, Washington, DC 20008

This is already a landmark bookstore in its own right, but it has recently expanded its French section! It prides itself in having books from several different francophone countries, and offers both classic and modern books, perfect for any French language learner! This 'book nook' is also a great place to meet for a Lex 'language experience,' as it boasts a cozy cafe as well.



1517 Connecticut Ave NW, Washington, DC 20036

If you are looking to work on your Spanish, this bookstore is a great resource! It houses both language workbooks and novels in Spanish. Even if you might have to look up some of the words in the novels, it will be a great exercise for you!

Used books! In many different languages...

Capitol Hill Books

657 C St SE, Washington, DC 20003

This is definitely a treasure trove. It's a used bookstore, with books, on books, on books! Funny enough, they store the cookbooks in the kitchen area of this old building, and the foreign language books are found in the bathroom! Get ready to do some serious(ly fun) sifting through the piles! It's all a part of the experience!

Japanese, Italian, French, Spanish, ...

Second Story Books

2000 P St NW, Washington, DC 20036

This bookstore is also secondhand, and they have their own "Linguistics and Foreign Languages" section. They have books on Indic languages, Turkish, Latin, Tahitian, Greek, Celtic...in other words, they have everything! You're going to want to schedule in quite a bit of time for a visit here- you're going to love exploring!

Pencil in some time this week to check out one of these bookstores! They are a great way to explore the city, work on language learning, and even make for amazing conversation starters! Many of these places also offer coffee and food, so feel free to have a Lex 'language experience' there as well!

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Divertitevi, have a blast!

Washington DC: Foreign Language Bookstores to Visit



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