4 Washington DC Restaurants that you can order in Chinese.

Want to flex your Chinese speaking skills? Like Chinese food? Live in the Washington, D.C. area?

Going to a Chinese restaurant is a great way to learn and practice. Having a Lex in a Chinese restaurant creates opportunities where questions about the food and surroundings can fill in conversation gaps. Unlike many western restaurants, Chinese food is best-enjoyed family style. So, the more the merrier and tastier!
• Keep your ears and eyes open to find out which waiters speak Chinese
• The waiter will automatically address you in English
• If you are nervous the waiter might not understand that you are speaking Chinese
EXTRA CREDIT! Wear a name tag stating you are practicing speaking Chinese

Washington, D.C.

Chinatown Express
When the menu is in Chinese and English that certainly means someone in the restaurant can speak to you in Chinese. Which this restaurant’s menu has. The menu is wide-ranging with options for every palate.

Panda Gourmet
Don’t be fooled by the location. This place has serious eats. With specialties from Sichuan Province and Xi’an, you will need to visit several times to try all the best dishes.

Rockville, MD (Metro Red Line) AKA (Chinese Food Central)

China Bistro (妈妈水饺Mama’s Dumplings)
Like many Chinese restaurants in the area, this one has an English name that does not match its Chinese name. You can go here and not order the dumplings but that’s like going to a pizza restaurant and not getting pizza. You can never order too much because that’s what doggy bags are for.

East Dumpling House
I used to live in Harbin, China where the owner of this restaurant comes from. So, whenever I miss the food of Harbin I head here. Ask for the Northeast Dishes (东北菜) they are hearty and leave you way too full. Try out the lamb skewers (羊肉串) and Northeast sweet and sour fried pork (锅包肉). I have been able to order in Chinese each time I’ve gone furthermore there is karaoke if you care to try singing Chinese songs.




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