A Geração da Utopia by  Pepetela

A Geração da Utopia


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In this novel, Pepetela analyzes his characters psychologically in greater depth than he had done in his earlier works and assumes a very critical stance. The novel, spanning three decades, is divided into four parts, each of which covers an important aspect of Angola's 20th century, including Portuguese colonial oppression, the war for independence, the civil war, and the brief respite from the war that occurred in the early 1990s. Pepetela's interest in history remained evident in this book, but his criticism of the Angolan establishment was something new that would reappear again and again.

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This novel is a brutal description of the war between Portuguese colonists and the Angolans fighting for their independence. I loved its writing and intricate historical detail, and this is a fantastic book if you want to start your Portuguese reading!