Леди Макбет Мценского уезда  by Nikolai Leskov

Леди Макбет Мценского уезда

Nikolai Leskov

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Ле́ди Ма́кбет Мце́нского уе́зда»— повесть (по определению автора — очерк) Николая Лескова, написанная в 1864 году

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Lady Macbeth of the Mtsensk District (Russian: Леди Макбет Мценского уезда Ledi Makbet Mtsenskovo uyezda) is an 1865 novella by Nikolai Leskov. It was originally published in Fyodor Dostoyevsky's magazine Epoch. Among its themes are the subordinate role expected from women in 19th-century European society, adultery, provincial life (thus drawing comparison with Flaubert's Madame Bovary) and the planning of murder by a woman, hence the title inspired by the Shakespearean character Lady Macbeth from his play Macbeth. The title also echoes the title of Turgenev's story Hamlet of the Shchigrovsky District (1859).

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This is a 19th Century novel by Nikolai Leskov, inspired by Shakespeare’s own ‘Macbeth’. It's a great read, filled with murder, betrayal, and cunning, and it will definitely have you gripped throughout!