I Saw What The Sleeper Sees / رأيت فيما يرى النائم  by Naguib Mahfouz

I Saw What The Sleeper Sees / رأيت فيما يرى النائم

Naguib Mahfouz

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رأيت فيما يرى النائم هي مجموعة قصصية لنجيب محفوظ صدرت عام 1982. احتوت المجموعة خمس قصص قصيرة وقسما بعنوان "رأيت فيما يرى النائم" احتوى 17 حلما. وتعتبر هذه الأحلام أحلامًا روائية مؤلفة بعكس أحلام فترة النقاهة التي تعد ترجمة لأحلام واقعية. قصص المجموعة: أهل الهوى، من فضلك وإحسانك، قسمتي ونصيبي، العين والساعة، الليلة المباركة. وقد حوّلت قصة "أهل الهوى"

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Qismati and Nasibi is a short story written by a Nobel Prize winner, the Egyptian author Naguib Mahfouz. It was included in the short story collection Ra’aytu fima yara al-na’im (I Saw, in a Dream, or I Saw as the Sleeper Sees) published in 1982. It was included in a collection of short stories written in Arabic Modern Arabic Short Stories: A Bilingual Reader,edited/translated into English by Ronak Husni and Daniel Newman.The title in Arabic means "My Fate and My Destiny." It is frequently interpreted to be an allegory of the Palestinian-Israeli situation.

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Anything Naguib Mahfouz writes is bound to be excellent. These are some of his rare short stories, and they're just as poetic and incisive as his novels. For incendiary social criticism wrapped in beautiful storytelling, check out this collection.