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If you are like me and get bored of reading French grammar books all day, then listening to popular francophone music is a great way to continuously expose yourself to the French language, without even conjugating one verb! Listening to French music allows you to appreciate both the culture and the language, as well as pick up fancy words along the way!

I've recently fallen back in love with the French language, from its beautiful singsongy cadence to its quirky expressions, it has so much joie de vivre in every word uttered. I've been listening to only French music on Spotify for the past two weeks! What's interesting is that all these artists have extremely avant-garde, entertaining music videos to go along with their superb music! Here are my top picks:

Alex Nevsky

Some of my favorite chansons of his:


L'enfer c'est les autres

Le jeu des sentiments


This French Canadian singer is amazing! I saw him live two weeks ago in Canada. He played his songs alongside a whole orchestra. The music was overwhelmingly beautiful and the concert ended with everyone on their feet, laughing at his corny jokes and dancing like the whole 'foule' was 'folle.' His music is great to listen to while relaxing or while at work- his style is very indie and he almost reminds me of a French Florence and The Machine or Sarah Bareilles!


Some of his most famous and loved songs are:


Alors on danse


Tous les mêmes

Most French learners will be familiar with at least one song from this vocal powerhouse. It is necessary to watch his music videos while listening to his songs- they are essential to understanding his artistic merit! Stromae's music is super upbeat, filled with deep, personal lyrics, and is great for any party you want to throw- dancing is a must, alors on danse!


Some of her top chansons:




Si t'étais là

This artist has a very dreamy voice. Her style is what I wish more American artists would have. Her music is expressive and her lyrics are poetic. I have just started listening to her, thanks to a recommendation from a friend, and now I am obsessed. Definitely give this singer a li

Coeur De Pirate

This French Canadian singer is a true legend. Here are a few song suggestions:

Comme des enfants


Place de la République

Loin D'Ici

Her voice is very high and enchanting. I like rocking out to her tunes as I watch her music videos or as I read books in French.

From experience, I find that it's best to read and listen to music simultaneously, in your target language. This way, you are fully immersed in the language, even if your surroundings are completely in English! If you happen to really like this artist, as well as Alex Nevsky, you are in luck! They have done songs in collaboration with each other:

Jeter un sort 

Amusez-vous bien- have fun listening to some new tunes! Let us know if you have any other favorite francophone artists in the comments! Always remember that French music is great conversation topic for a Lex 'language experience!'

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French Music For French Learners



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