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There are so many resources to learn vocabulary, verbs and grammar...

...but no opportunity to have a real conversation.

Now in NYC

...but we have requests in Paris, Berlin, São Paulo, Bucharest, Riyadh, San Diego and Austin (to name a few)!

different safe meeting places throughout NYC.
of Lexody users are native Spanish speakers!
different languages are available on Lexody.


Walsh Costigan

Walsh Costigan

Founder and CEO

Lover of languages, backend programming, and hustling.

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Keith McKellar

Keith McKellar

Lead Frontend Developer

Lover of JavaScript and frontend programming.

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"With all of the research demonstrating the benefits of bilingualism, this is one of the easiest and effective ways to learn that foreign tongue"
WINNER: Best One Minute Speed Pitch, March 2017
"Walsh Costigan didn’t want to create just another dating or language learning app, but instead wanted to pull the best parts of each"
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Lexody is based in New York City. Email us anytime at